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As a production designer in the film industry I have been using SketchUp for over 12 years.

All of the imagery on this site I created using SketchUp.

I have used SketchUp on television shows such as Cashmere Mafia, Believe, Forever,

Saturday Night Live and hundreds of commercials including Google, Capital One and Garnier, Gatorade and Apple Computer!

I have also used SketchUp for architects, interior designers, decorators and home builders.

SketchUp Training in New York City


If you have any questions

call me at 201-218-0413 or email

I look forward to meeting you!

Ken MacLeod - Freelance Production Designer - Leading Professional SketchUp Trainer













“Thank you for a fantastic class. You taught with such clarity.

I am going to start nagging you for SketchUp 2!!” - Sharon


“Thank you Ken for your time and patience with us newbies! -Jessie

What students are saying!

If you're an interior designer, architect, builder, set designer, designer or a decorator, my classes will guide you through the SketchUp process and give you the confidence to express your ideas so you can spend your time creating.

I will train you all the tips and tricks I’ve learned that will make a tremendous difference in your learning curve and the way you approach and think about SketchUp.

With the knowledge you gain from my class, you’ll impress clients with professional looking designs and presentations!

It's the difference between landing

or NOT landing a client.


No one wants to waste time learning complicated computer programs.

SketchUp is hands-down the most intuitive, easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool on the planet.

If you want to be productive within a few of hours, you’ve come to the right place.

This one-day beginner class provides a progressive, hands-on approach to SketchUp

and will give you all the information and  tools you need to start designing on your own.










Learn the fundamentals of SketchUp with an emphasis on proper technique—

plus shortcuts that will help you save time along the way!

- Transforming 3D shapes into real world objects

- Why the Rectangle Tool does much more than creating squares

- The magic of the Push Pull Tool

- The Line Tool and following an axis

- Inferencing and how to heal when needed

- Scaling your objects

- Learning the difference between a component and a group

- How knowing the many uses of The Follow Me Tool will save you hours of time

- Why the Option Key is your workhorse

- How to apply textures, create and light a scene

- Setting up camera angles

- Importing furniture using Google Warehouse

- Organizing objects in your model with Layers

- Adding dimensions to plan, elevation and Isometric views

You’ll leave with the confidence, skills and understanding

to make your presentations come alive with personality

and ultimately, great art.


It’s easy to get started with SketchUp,

you probably have all the equipment already.


Please bring the following with you to class:

- Your laptop with power cord

- The latest version of SketchUp Pro or Make

- Basic 3 button scroll wheel mouse

Classes are Located in either

Manhattan or Hoboken

Classes are $499.00

9:30AM – 5:00PM

with a one-hour lunch break

Doors open at 9AM

Saturday April 29th



Saturday May 20th



Saturday Feb 18th


Sunday March 26th


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Cancellation Policy:

If you have to cancel your class, please provide at least a one week notice and you will receive a full refund or a credit for a future class.


Call Ken directly at 201-218-0413 or email

One on One

Online Webinar Screen Sharing"

Beginners or Advanceded Users Expand your SketchUp Skills

with an Online Screen Sharing Webinar

This is a private one on one online training class from the comfort of your home.

Customized Sessions to fit your needs. This is a fun and easy way to lean SketchUp

from the comfort of your home or office.



to set up a time and date!

Buy Now

Pick a Time!

Purchase a Session!

Let me know what it is you would like to cover and I'll see you online!

Cost $60.00 Per Hour

One on One Private Training


Improve your SketchUp Skills with One on One Private Training

-Training customized to your needs

- No rush instruction

- Spend more time on the exact techniques

you want to learn

- Choose a time that works for you

- Cut time in the learning process

- See examples play out in front of you


Once you purchase time, we’ll schedule a call to go over the specifics of your training.

Cost $80.00 Per Hour




Buy Now

to set up a time and date!

Beginners Screen Sharing Webinar


This 2 hour SketchUp Webinar for beginners will teach you the fundamentals of SketchUp

 with easy to follow, practical examples.

Starting with the basics you will learn how to setup your work environment

 and perform various modeling functions that SketchUp has to offer.


I’ll show you…

-The Welcome Screen, Templates, Toolbars

-How to navigate around your model

-Move, Rotate, Copy

-Inferencing and the Follow-me tool

-How to design using accurate dimensions.

-The Offset and Push/pull tools.

-Learn how to use guides to increase your speed in designing

-Styles & Scenes just to name a few

-Learn all about components and groups

-I will also show you how I create shop drawings for SNL and other televison productions

 & how you can use my techniques in your designs.


Next Class May 2 (2PM – 5PM EDT)

Cost $60.00

to set up a time and date!



“Thanks so much for such a dynamic and informative class - all those tips and tricks really make a tremendous difference in my learning curve!!”

- Cherie


“Thank you for a fantastic class. You taught with such clarity.

I am going to start nagging you for SketchUp 2!!”

- Sharon


"Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the great class. I jumped right in and have already put together a number of proposals for clients this past week using the program. It's really helped step up my game with customers, my boss is stoked, and my guys in the shop are also happy to get much better and more accurate drawings before we put something into production (I make furniture). Your class was just the right amount of info to give me the confidence to start messing around on my own and dig a little deeper."

Thanks again,



“Ken is very talented..shit hot pre-vis! And also very revered. Thanks for the help.”


“Thank you for the excellent SketchUp class. It definitely plugged a few of the holes in my catch-as-catch-can self-taught skill set.”

- Julie


“Thank you so much for teaching the SketchUp class. It was extremely helpful and definitely a great kick-start. I have been playing with it all weekend with my new mouse. Thanks again!”

- Betsy


“Thank you Ken for your time and patience with us newbies! I am intrigued by the possibilities of SketchUp as an amazing tool, and while I know there is a steep hill to climb, the rewards for that climb are obvious.”

- Jessie


“Thanks for leading the SketchUp workshop. Hope to attend another one of your classes!”

- Sarah


“Thanks for your time and instruction—Great class. I definitely have a much advanced my SketchUp skills,

I've been noodling with the software since Saturday.”

- Stiv


“Thanks again for a great class and for putting together all of the great files.”

- Ann